Success of About Travis Brewer : Calisthenic Ninja Warrior of Health & Fitness


Travis is proof that hard work and passion can help you accomplish anything.  These are some of the achievements that he is most proud of:

  • World Calisthenics Organization 2014 Battle of Bars III Main Event Winner
  • Finalist American Ninja Warrior 2014
  • Winner World Calisthenics Organization 2013 Battle of Bars Best Trick
  • Featured athlete Co-Host with Tim Sheiff on Rich Roll Podcast
  • Semi Finalist on American Ninja Warrior 2012, 2013.
  • Reebok Athlete Product Tester
  • Master trainer to Tim Ferris on Tim Ferris Experiment TV Show
  •  Featured article with full page photos in REPS Magazine
  •  Personal Interview on School of Greatness Podcast Episode #32
  • Better Bodies Podcast With Travis Steffan Episode
  • #Besomebody Passion Portrait interview
  • Pushing the limit, TV Pilot.  Trainer on the search for worlds toughest workouts.
  • Train with Strength Project. One of the largest youtube fitness channels.
  • Co-Founder Raw Movement Calisthenic group